Empowering Businesses with Blockchain

Founded by pioneers of blockchain technologies, Accemo offers our unique software methodologies and technical expertise to digital platforms that seeks to enhance the security of their digital infrastructure through the immutability traits of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Consulting Services

Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger, comprised of unchangeable, digitally recorded data in packages, called blocks. Benefits of blockchain technology implementations consists of the following:

What Accemo can do for you

Have you considered how blockchain can unlock value in your operations and product innovations over the next 3, 5 and 10 years? Accemo is here to support your business growth via the following services

Digital Wallets Services

Create your own proprietary digital wallets to manage your users, customers and suppliers. Use cards and other tokens to pay from the wallet. Accemo can assist in the implementation in collaboration with our partners licensed under the Payment Services Act in Singapore.

IoT Consulting Services

Acting as the bridge between the physical and digital world, IoT offers huge opportunities for traditional retail goods and services companies to gain competitive edge through providing a quicker gratification of goods and services consumption. Accemo can assist you with the setting up of a user-friendly digital interface that will enhance your users integration and satisfaction.

Tokenisation Services

Tokenisation is the digital representation of real-world assets within the blockchain ledger. In collaboration with our legal partners, Accemo can assist in the tokenisation of real-world assets using blockchain-based platform as a single source of truth, eliminating costly and time-consuming reconciliation and the use of smart contracts to use for payment of coupons or instant settlement thereby abolishing the need to post collateral and free up capital.

Introducing ACCEMO

Our expertise can add value to companies in various industries including the remittance services, trade finance, capital markets and supply chain sector. If you are keen to find out more about how we can add value to your business, please feel free to contact us.

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